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Here on this page, you’ll get to know about a type of noun called abstract noun.

Abstract nouns are used to express the feelings, qualities, ideas, experience and the things which do not have a physical existence.

Abstract nouns can be countable or uncountable. They can also be in the form of singular or possessive nouns.

Abstract nouns are the naming words that are not concrete.

Abstract nouns are nouns that cannot be seen or touched.

Example: hunger, sadness, happiness, best ideas, joy, success, failures, hope, ambitions, love, hate, freedom, anger, happiness, charity, democracy generosity, and stress.

Here are some example sentences of abstract nouns that would help you to understand the abstract noun more precisely.


  • Failures are the steps to success.
  • Ramya gossips about her staff at her home.
  • Leo is very scared of cockroaches.
  • A true friendship doesn’t need daily conversation or being together.
  • We love our parents, siblings, and friends a lot.
  • The idea of marriage crossed her mind, for the first time.
  • John took all his anger and frustration out on him.
  • She has started to hate the world.
  • Anything is better than lies and deceit.
  • Leeza is more interested in philosophy class than any other class.

Yet some students confuse with the abstract noun and concrete noun. The table below would help you to get rid of this confusion.



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