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Common noun

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Here, on this page let’s learn about common noun and its categories.

A common noun is one of the types of noun.

A common noun is the general naming word of the nouns such as person, place, thing, idea, etc. Common nouns are generic words which are used to name the nouns which have a physical existence.

Example: book, table, television, woman, cat, parrot, author, city, planet, dog, mountain, ocean, building, hospital, park, girl, boy.

Common nouns are used to denote a class of objects or a concept.

Let’s look at the categories of common nouns.

Common nouns are categorized as:

  • People: parent, mother, father, sibling, sister, brother, son, daughter, child, minister, student, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, teenager.
  • Professions: lawyer, doctor, nurse, teacher, engineer, politician, cricket player, scientist.
  • Animals: lion, tiger, cheetah, dog, cat, rat, wolf, fox, jackal, bear, leopard, squirrel, donkey, monkey, panda, gorilla, giraffe.
  • Birds: parrot, eagle, hawk, flamingo, pigeon, stork, owl, cuckoo, woodpecker, kingfisher, hummingbird, swan, peacock, duck.
  • Things: table, chair, pen, pencil, ink, computer, iPad, phone, laptop, coat, boots, shoe, eraser, book, box, kerchief, truck.
  • Places: country, state, province, district, nation, village, city, town, park, hospital, school, gym, playground, continent, hotel.
  • Ideas: love, hate, respect, envy, happiness, pride, patriotism, respect, anger, sad, empathy, hatred.

Possessive Common Noun

Possessive nouns are the nouns that show ownership or relation to something else.

  • We add an apostrophe and the letter “s” to make a singular possessive common noun (‘s).

 Example: The car’s tyre had punctured on the way to school.

  • We add an apostrophe and the letter “s” for the singular common noun which ends in “s” to make it as singular possessive common noun (‘s).

 Example: The bus’s colour attracts people.

  • We add an apostrophe and the letter “s” for the plural common noun which doesn’t end in “s” to make as plural possessive common noun (‘s).

 Example: The children’s sports meet is on Friday.

  • We just add an apostrophe to the plural common noun which ends in “s” to make it a possessive common noun.

 Example: The students’ mark sheets are given to the principal.

There are some rules and things to consider when you use the common noun in your sentence.

Points to remember when you use the common noun in a sentence:

  • Common nouns may be introduced by an article.

 Example: The dog is under the table.

  • Common nouns are countable and uncountable.

 Example: They are my friends.

  • Common nouns are not capitalized unless they are the first word in a sentence.

 Example: Park opens at 9.00 am every morning.

                 We open the park at 9.00 am every morning. 


  • We study in a university in a town
  • The students are going on tour.
  • Children play football on the ground.
  • Hrithik is an amazing actor.
  • We live in a big city.
  • Dhoni is a very good cricket player.
  • My sister broke my glasses.
  • We bought new classy outfits.
  • My brother is a famous actress in Bollywood.
  • Scientists had a meeting in the auditorium.

Some students used to confused about common nouns and proper nouns. Visit this image to have a clear idea about the differences between the common noun and proper noun.

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