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Compound Noun

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This page gives a brief explanation about the compound noun which is a type of noun and how to form compound nouns.

Compound nouns are the words form with two or more words.

Most of the compound nouns are formed by nouns which are modified by other nouns or adjectives.

Example: toothpaste, classroom, matchbox, washing machine, monthly ticket.

  • The words class and room are two different words, but if you combine those two different words you can get a new word classroom which is a compound noun.

The plural form of the compound nouns is formed by pluralizing the primary element of the compound noun.


Let’s see the ways of writing compound nouns.

Ways of writing compound nouns:

  • Sometimes the two words are joined together and form a new word as a compound noun.

     Example: headache, classroom

  • Sometimes the two words are separated and form a new word as a compound noun.

     Example: full moon, post office

  • Sometimes the words are joined together by a hyphen.

     Example: daughter-in-law, check-out

Now, let’s learn how to form compound nouns using nouns, adjectives, verbs, and prepositions.




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