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Concrete Noun

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This page helps you to know about the concrete noun which is one of the nouns.

Concrete nouns are the nouns which can be felt with our five senses such as sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

The concrete noun can be a common noun or a proper noun. Most of the nouns are concrete nouns.

Concrete noun contracts to the abstract noun.

Example: flower, book, table, hamburger, soup, bus, mobile phone, paper, laptop.

Sometimes concrete nouns can be countable nouns. They have the form of singular and plural.


Sometimes concrete nouns can be uncountable. They don’t have a plural form. Because it can’t be separated into individual elements to count.

Example: water, air, milk, petrol, gas, rice.

Common concrete noun

Sometimes students bewilder concrete nouns and abstract nouns. Visit this page to be clear about abstract nouns and concrete nouns.

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