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What is a conjunction?

The conjunction is one of the parts of speech which joins the two words, phrases and clauses.

Now, let’s look at the types of conjunctions and how it is used in a sentence.

Types of conjunctions

There are three types of conjunctions used in our life. They are

  • Coordinating Conjunction
  • Correlative Conjunction
  • Subordinating Conjunction

Let’s see the brief description of each type of conjunction.

Coordinating conjunction

Coordinating conjunctions are used to link and connect the two words, phrases and clauses which are similar in structure. Coordinating conjunctions are also known as coordinators.


  • I had a burger and a bun for breakfast.
  • I want to go out today but I have an exam tomorrow.
  • Would you like to have coffee or tea?

Correlative Conjunction

This type of conjunction uses a set of words in an aligned sentence structure to compare the parts of a sentence. These conjunctions work as pairs and place in different places to give meaning to the sentence. The words of this conjunction have a special link between them.


  • Jane wants either the chocolate ice-cream or the vanilla ice-cream.
  • Alex neither likes coffee nor tea in the evenings.
  • He not only plays football but also plays hockey.

Subordinating Conjunction

Subordinating conjunctions are the words that are used to join two different clauses and make it a sentence. This word is used to join together a dependent clause and an independent clause.


  • Alex is handsome than Peter.
  • I am confused about whether to continue or discontinue my studies.
  • If you study hard, you will pass the exam.
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