Future Perfect Tense

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This page helps to learn about future perfect tense and how it is used in our life.

Future perfect tense refers to an action that is expected to be completed before a specific time period in the future.

How to form sentences in the Future Perfect Tense?

Formation of sentences in the Future Perfect Tense.

We use the future perfect tense in some circumstances.

The future perfect tense is used to:

  • Express an action that will have finished before a certain time period in the future.

 Example: I will have hold a degree by September.

  • Express an action which will have finished before another action in the future.

 Example: Anna will have slept by the time her parents arrive at home.

  • Express an action that has started before and continues until another action or for a certain time period in the future.

 Example: They will have been married for 20 years by the next month.

Let’s see the full form and contractions used in the Future Perfect Tense.

The full form and contracted form of the Future Perfect Tense

Let’s learn how to make sentences and questions in the Future Perfect Tense.

Formation of sentences and questions in the Future Perfect Tense

Now, we learn to make positive ‘wh’ questions in the future perfect tense. It’s easy to compose ‘Wh’ questions. We just need to add the ‘Wh’ question word in front of the helping verb.

Positive ‘Wh’ Questions in the Past Perfect Tense

Negative ‘Wh’ Questions in the Future Perfect Tense

Now we have a short story and a conversation to help you understand the Future Perfect Tense more precisely.

Short story

The lion and the bear

I will be a hot day. The lion and the bear will have reached a small pond to drink water. They will have argued and fought about who should drink water first. After sometimes, they will have tired and stopped for breath. They will have seen a reflection of the vulture flying up on the pond. Soon, they will have realized that the vultures are waiting for them to take as prey. The bear and the lion will have decided to be friends than enemies and become food for vultures. They will have drunk water together and gone happily.


Natasha: Hello, Charles. Will you have finished your assignments before Friday?

Charles: Hello, Charles. Yes. I will have finished my assignments before Friday.

Natasha: Will other classmates have finished their works on time?

Charles: Yes. They will have done their works on time.

Natasha: Will your class have prepared for the concert?

Charles: They will have prepared well before the day of the concert.

Natasha: Will you have taken the meals before the concert or not?

Charles: We will have taken our meals before the concert because the program will have continued for a long time.

Natasha: Will the school have provided foods for the participants?

Charles: Yeah. Our school will have provided food for the participant at the concert.

Natasha: When will you have gone for vacation?

Charles: We will have gone vacation at this time next week.


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