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We used to express our feelings in our daily life. In this page, we learn about interjections which are the words used to show our emotions.

What is an interjection?

The interjection is one of the parts of speech which is used to describe the sudden feelings and emotions.

Interjections are one or two words and would come at the beginning of the sentence. Interjections don’t modify any words or any sentences. It doesn’t play the role of the subject or verb in a sentence. It stands alone and expresses the emotion of a person or animal.

These words are used to express our feelings such as happiness, sorrows, surprise and other emotions of our life.

How to use interjection in a sentence?

Interjections are punctuated with a comma and an exclamation mark. We use an exclamation mark (!) with an interjection word if the emotion or feeling expressed is very strong and use the comma (,) if the emotion or feeling expressed is not strong.

Not all the words ending with an exclamation mark (!) are interjection.

Let’s learn some examples of interjections.

Examples of Interjections

  • Aah! – It is used to express a scared of someone or calling someone for help and used to express the amazement or joy.
  • Ahem! -This is used to express the sound of someone clearing their throat in an attempt to get someone’s attention.
  • Alas! – Used to show concern or pity.
  • Aw! – Used to express sympathy or mild disappointment.
  • Bah! – Used to express anger or disagreement.
  • Bless you! – Used to say to the person who has just sneezed or say to someone that you are grateful to them.
  • Boo! – Used to scare someone.
  • Congrats! – Used to congratulate someone for their fortune.
  • Crikey! – Used to express the surprise.
  • Eh! – Used to express that you didn’t understand what someone said.
  • Ew! – Used to express our disgust or dislikes.
  • Gesundheit! – Used to wish someone to have good health when they sneeze.
  • Good grief! – Used to express the surprise with the negative emotion.
  • Gosh! – Express surprise.
  • Grrr! – Used to express irritation or anger.
  • Hmm! – Used to express the hesitation.
  • Humph! – Used to express the dissatisfaction of someone.
  • Hurray! – Express joy or approval of something.
  • Jeez! – Used to express irritation or surprise.
  • Ooh-la-la! – Used to express something or someone is surprising or fancy.
  • Oops! – Used to express the recognition of mistake or accident.
  • Ouch! – Express pain.
  • Phew! – Express the relief or glad about something dangerous has finished.
  • Whoa! – Used to express the surprise or interest.
  • Wow! – Express astonishment.
  • Yahoo! – Used to express joy and excitement.
  • Yeah! – Express the approval and affirmative of someone.
  • Yoo-hoo! – Used to attract someone’s attraction or presence.
  • Zing! – Used to express the comeback or enthusiasm of something.


  • Wow! You are like an angel. You are so beautiful, Cady.
  • Ouch! Oh no, I knocked my head.
  • Hurray! We won the final match.
  • Oops! I have missed my purse on the train.
  • Oh my gosh, it’s so late for my interview.
  • Hmm! I do not know, how I am going to talk with him.
  • Eh! We couldn’t understand what he told in that speech.
  • Bless you! I couldn’t achieve this without you.
  • Alas! His father died in an accident.
  • Splendid! I really love your art.
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