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Prefixes and suffixes are groups of letters that are added to the beginning or end of a word to form a new word with a different meaning.

Neither prefix nor suffix stan alone, they are compound with a word.


Prefixes are added to the beginning of a word to form a new word with the modified meaning. Prefixes are just two or three letters long but still change the meaning of the formal word.

Prefixes are words with negative meaning and used to form the opposite of a word.

Dis, un, im, ir, il, in, non, under are examples of prefixes.


appear disappear
like dislike
advantage disadvantage
prove disprove
own disown
approval disapproval
unity disunity
obedience disobedience
continuity discontinuity
contentment discontentment
satisfy dissatisfy



popular unpopular
usual unusual
answerable unanswerable
available unavailable
faithful unfaithful
acceptable unacceptable
fit unfit
fair unfair
pleasant unpleasant
grateful ungrateful
avoidable unavoidable




possible impossible
perfect imperfect
moral immoral
movable immovable
patient impatient
purity impurity
mobilize immobilize
partial impartial
probable improbable
measurable immeasurable



regular irregular
responsible irresponsible
rational irrational
replaceable irreplaceable
relevant irrelevant
responsibility irresponsibility
recoverable irrecoverable
resistible irresistible
religious irreligious
rationally irrationally



legal illegal
legitimate illegitimate
logical illogical
literate illiterate
legible illegible
favoured ill-favoured
liberal illiberal



visible invisible
decent indecent
secure insecure
ability inability
accuracy inaccuracy
calculable incalculable
adequately inadequately
comparable incomparable
curable incurable
credible incredible



cooperation noncooperation
aligned nonaligned
compliance noncompliance
conductor nonconductor
conformist nonconformist
entity nonentity
existent nonexistent
interference noninterference
payment nonpayment
sense nonsense



nourished undernourished
value undervalue
estimate underestimate
pay underpay
privileged underprivileged
abovementioned undermentioned
expose underexpose
staffed understaffed



understand misunderstand
take mistake
use misuse
place misplace
behave misbehave
lead mislead
spell misspell
read misread
count miscount
fortune misfortune


In some cases, prefixes combined with other prefixes and word to form a new word.


Suffixes are joined to the end of a word to form a new word with the modified meaning.

Sometimes, the formation of new words using suffix would change the class of word.

Ish, ous, ful, less, al, able, ily, tion are some examples of suffixes.


Nouns into adjectives

Nouns Adjectives
child childish
cheer cheerful
faith faithful, faithless
beauty beautiful
hope hopeful
danger dangerous
centre central
dark darkish
memory memorable
day daily
peace peaceful
youth youthful
mouth mouthful
truth truthful


Adjectives into nouns

Adjective Noun
fearful fear
imaginary imagination
appreciative appreciation
decisive decision
clear clarity
wise wisdom
moveable movement
warm warmth
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