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Here, this page helps you to have clear clarification about the proper noun which is a type of noun, and its features.

Proper nouns are the specific names give to the nouns such as persons, places, things, ideas, etc.

There are two features of Proper Noun

  • They are distinct and specific names given to the nouns.
  • They usually start with the capital letter.

Now, let’s have a closer inspection of proper nouns with examples.

Examples of Proper Noun

Names of places: Chicago, California, Manchester, Kansas, America, Asia.

Names of people: Alexander, Helen Keller, Elizabeth, Benjamin, David.

Names of organizations: Wikimedia Foundation, UNESCO, World Bank.

Names of days or months: January, March, Monday, Wednesday, June.

Official titles: Prime Minister, President, Principal, Director of Education.

Don’t bewilder about proper nouns and common nouns. It’s a common thing that people used to be confused about proper nouns and common nouns. This page would help you rid out the confusion on the common noun and proper noun.

Proper nouns are specific names given to nouns whereas common nouns are more general in character.

Here’s a chart that would help you understand more about the common noun and proper noun.

Normally, we don’t use the article ‘THE” with some proper nouns.

  • We don’t use ‘The‘ with names.

Example: Harry Potter (NOT The Harry Potter)

  • We don’t use ‘The‘ with the names of shops, restaurants, banks, companies, etc., which are named after a person’s name.

Example: Dell (NOT The Dell)

Exception for the companies name which is registered with the word ‘THE‘.

  • We don’t use the word ‘THE‘ with the names of towns, cities, villages, and countries.

Example: Canada (NOT The Canada)

Exception for the countries name which includes the word Kingdom, States, Republic, etc…

Example: The United Kingdom

We use the article ‘THE’ with some proper nouns.

  • We use ‘THE‘ for plural names of people and places.

Example: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  • We use ‘THE‘ for the names of ocean, sea, rivers, and canals.

Example: The Indian Ocean

  • We use ‘THE‘ for the countries name which includes States, Kingdom, and Republic.

Example: The United States Of America




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