Sentence types and their Transformation.

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What is sentence ?

Sentence is a group of word that usually express a thought or idea by giving a statement or asking a question.  A   complete sentence has at least a subject and a main verb to state any idea or thought.

What should be in a sentence in English?

  • A new sentence begins with a capital letter.

My teacher taught me.

  • A sentence ends with punctuation.

My teacher taught me.

  • A sentence contains a subject that is only given once.

My teacher she taught me.

  • A sentence contains a verb or verb phrase.

My teacher taught me.

  • A sentence follows Subject + Verb + Object word order.

My teacher (Subject) taught (verb) me.

A sentence must have a complete idea or thought that stand alone.

There are four type of sentences in English.

  1. Declarative sentence.
  2. Imperative sentence.
  3. Interrogative sentence.
  4. Exclamation sentence.


  • Declarative sentence (Statements)

A declarative sentence can give a statement or an opinion. It means a declarative sentence makes a declaration. This is most common type sentence and ends with full stop (.) mark.

Example of declarative sentence.

positive negative
I like ice cream. (statement) I do not like ice cream.
Titanic is a good movie. (opinion) Titanic isn’t a good movie.


  • Imperative sentence. (command)

 An imperative sentence gives an order or makes a request. It usually ends with full stop but in some cases, it ends with an exclamation point. This sentence does not usually use a subject.

Example of imperative sentence.

Please be silent.

I need you to be silent!


  • Interrogative sentence.

An interrogative sentence asks a question.  This sentence begins with who, what, where, when, why, how, or do. It is ends question mark. (?)

Example of interrogative sentence.

Who is your role model?

Do you know that what will happen tomorrow?


  • Exclamatory sentence.

An exclamation sentence is a sentence that gives great emotion such as excitement, surprise, happiness, and anger. It is ends with exclamation mark.

The usual word order for exclamation sentence.

What (+Adjective) + Noun + Subject + verb.

 How (+Adjective/Adverb) + Subject + Verb.

What a fantastic man he is!

What an amazing story it is!

How exciting the movie!





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