The 7 benefits of learning the English language

  1. Memory Improvement
    It is a fact that no matter what age one is, that learning a second language improves brain functionality. Every single brain changes with age, but case studies executed show results that people who know more than one language have a longer attention span and perform better on attention tests.

2. Improves listening skills

Because learning English keeps your brain activity functioning, especially when teachers use rhyming games in the classroom. When the students follow these prompts, they improve their listening which merges into all areas of their life.

3. Education enhancement

Many of the world’s prestigious universities are situated in countries such as United States, England and Australia. To earn a position at one of these prestigious universities it is paramount to be able to read, write, and listen in English. Degree opportunities at these institutions will become available once you are at the advanced stage of the English language which in turn will likely improve your career.

4. Better employment opportunities,

Watch employment opportunity doors open for you once you have learnt the English language. The better employment opportunities in turn have a knock on effect of higher salaries. English speaking people are in high demand at corporate global companies. It may likely also increase opportunities within your existing company. Approximately half of the world’s business websites are also written in the English language. English is the language of science, of aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism.

5. Increases travel opportunities

Once you can speak English, your travel opportunities won’t only become easier as you become more confident, but you will find you can travel more. And this in turn broadens the mind! Understanding and respecting different cultures also becomes more apparent. Even if you are in a country where English is not the official language, chances are that English will still be used as a tool for communication.

6. Broaden entertainment opportunities

Generally speaking, English is the official language of the art, and media world. The largest film industry in the world, Hollywood produces films in English. It is always best to appreciate an international work of art in its original language. Learning English will enable you to do away with subtitles.

7. Assists in learning other languages

English is one of the easiest languages to learn with its simple alphabet. And once English is mastered you will have developed abilities and practices that you did not have before. These skills will transfer to any other language that you learn.


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